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MAKING ISK IN EVE – A guide to newbies - Intro

MAKING ISK IN EVE – A guide to newbies You have been buying ISK and PLEX from ISKVault, but now you want to Sell ISK and PLEX to us and make a quick buck? Here is a quick guide on how to do it. EVE Online being a sandbox where the great majority of ships and most in-game items are made by players, ISK is at the core of the game and fuels the whole economy of the virtual world. If ISK is the currency, then PLEX is the gold, therefore, the value of ISK depends on the price of the PLEX, which has been rising for years nonstop, therefore devaluing the value of ISK.

Eve is a game with a steep learning curve, and many, if not all new EVE Online players, have a hard time making ISK to be able to buy their first spaceships, and some of those who are able to buy their spaceships end up losing them one way or another in this cruel world. Therefore, they need to go back into farming ISK to get another ship. The rule of thumb in buying spaceships is: “Don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose”. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, indeed if you’re poor in-game and in real life, or don’t want to spend real money on a MMO, then you will not be able to follow that principle either way. This guide is here to help you achieve your goal, and have a good experience while playing EVE Online.

As you will see, there are several ways of making ISK. I’ll provide you with an overview of ISK making activities. It of course doesn’t include everything, since, almost everything you can think of, you can do it to earn ISK in EVE Online.